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Finding the right balance

Ebay Nube
I told you that I like to learn how to do new things, and then I like to write about it.
One thing I learned about recently is how to sell stuff on eBay.
What, you think I’m a nut? Maybe. I don’t care. I’ve just always been fascinated with the idea of auctions and especially online auctions.
It’s not like I need the extra cash. I’ve got a good job and I’m doing just fine. It was the challenge of learning how to do something that was out of my realm of experience that appealed to me.
I went onto ebay and looked at their tutorial. But honestly, I’m more of a watch-and-copy learner. I hate reading instructions. Just show me how to do it, watch me while I try it myself, correct me if that’s necessary, and then turn me loose. That’s my preferred style of learning.
I remembered a guy I met at some function. He was into buying and selling on eBay and other auction sites. He showed me stuff he had bought just that week. Like, twenty 55” flat screen TVs, at an auction, for $920.
I kid you not. Twenty brand-new TVs, in their boxes. In fact, on a pallet that was shrink-wrapped! All he had to do was go pick them up and hand over $920. He’s going to use some as Christmas gifts, and the rest he’s going to sell. You KNOW he can make at least $500 per TV, and more, if it’s a decent brand.
Anyway, this guy also sells stuff, mostly on eBay.
So I tracked him down and asked if I could hire him to show me how to sell stuff. He came over one night last week and we jumped in.
Before he came over, he told me to look around my house and find something to sell. He gave me some parameters: the item should be something in excellent condition, small enough to ship in a box, and not super heavy.
I found a really nice wine aerator. My wife and I had gotten it as a gift but never used it, so it was still in the original box, and it was a great brand with at least some value, I knew.
So when Brad came over, I had the aerator ready.
He told me that he was going to teach me by having me list an item right there, that night. It was better than explaining in orgasmic detail all the intricacies of eBay, he said.
We started by finding out what the trending value of the aerator was. We looked it up on eBay and then filtered the search to just look at sold items. And bingo: I saw that my aerator was going for $240, more or less.
(Brad saw that, looked at the aerator, and said, Shit! Really? $240 for THAT?!)
Also, he showed me that these aerators were going like hotcakes, which meant we could safely start the auction at 99 cents, attract lots of bidders, get them invested emotionally in the bidding war, and drive up the price.
Wow. Who knew?!
I’m out of time, so I’ll post this for now and continue the s