Help: Gotta Make This Place Presentable

making your home presentable

I love to see my wife smile. But!

Here's the deal. My wife's boss is coming to dinner. She stands to have a wonderful promotion but I realize that the house needs to be in order. It's kind of crazy right? All of a sudden I noticed things around here that aren't so optimal. There're a couple of things that are in disrepair for example I have water treatment system minutes completely fried by the sun. The display cover has a pretty much melted off. And there's a piece that's broken that's just lying beside it. I had to set the system up on bypass in order to reroute the water. So, it's not working. The only problem though is that I would have to take it all apart and then replumb the system in order to take it out and go back to a normal water inflow.

The other problem is that I installed some new sprinklers in the front yard and I ran a wire under the front door. Every time that you come to the front door you notice a wire that's running just beneath the step. That needs to be dealt with pronto. Ugh!

The last thing on the list but certainly not the least of the importance is the landscaping. The trees currently look pretty rough. I called the local tree company and they told me that they could come help. They seem pretty reasonable and when they came out to my house they made it really clear that they were all about the trees and how this great idea of mine might actually hurt the landscaping that I wanted. In other words they want to do what's best for me but at the same time they don't want to sacrifice what is best for the trees. I guess that's what happens when you hire professional arborist.

They showed me all kinds of things that I didn't even know about my own trees. For example they told me that if I put mulch around them I should make sure that it stays within a few inches from the very bottom of the trunk. If I push the mulch up against the base of the tree it can injure the tree as well as invite unwanted insects and we're destroying organisms. That goes up on my list of 99 things I never knew.

Over the weekend I plan on working through all of the tasks at hand and making a quick trip to Lowe's to pick up some last minute items to spruce up the front of the house since I just watched the vid above. I'm pretty thankful that I have the tree guys because I don't think I could've tackled that. But as far as the water softener and the wire. I think I can come up with a way to either camouflaged it or remove it completely. My goal is that when my wife's boss shows up she is happy to have him here.

As they say "happy wife happy life." For me it's more than that. I just want make sure that we present ourselves in the best life possible. Chances are the boss won't even notice. They will notice what he missed. But I'll know in my own heart annual increase our confidence level when we invite him in.