About Me

My name is Darren thanks for visiting my website. I love to learn new things and one of the ways that I go about it is writing about it. So, I use this blog to share some of the ideas that I learn and pass on some of the concepts that make sense to me.

I grew up in a small Town in Maine. The only thing that was really going for the town at the time was a shoe plant. I remember walking to school each day sometimes in the frigid cold of course and wondering what it would be like to live in a place a little more tropical.

After I graduated high school I decided to go ahead and try my hand at getting out of Dodge and heading somewhere a little bit warmer. I moved to Louisiana and was enjoying some warmer weather when I ran into my current wife.

She was working at the local aviation facility and I was an Airplane Mechanic.

You will never believe how we actually ended up dating. She was much younger than me and I had invited her to go flying with me. At the time she loved flying because she had and crashed yet. Unfortunately upon our approach I had forgotten to put down the landing gear and then end up flipping the plane over. She hurt her wrist a little bit but forever she was scarred emotionally from that tragic experience and never wanted to really fly again.

But even that wasn't strong enough to stop for some love that was growing between us. We had to sneak out together because at the time her dad didn't really want her dating a man 11 years older than her.

It made for amazing romance and so much fun. We've been together ever cents.

I am happy to say that her parents finally excepted our relationship.

No kids yet, but we are planning on having some at one point or another.

I don't really do much in the way of aviation anymore I found a better job that is a little bit more white collar. But in order to do it, and I'm not going to spoil it by mentioning it here, I have to stay up on the latest learning out there. That is what I focus on in this blog and I hope that you get some information out of it that you enjoy.

I hope as I brought in my horizons I am instrumental and you broadening yours.

Disclaimer: in my research I have learned that I need to make sure that I'm very clear about what my blog is about and what it's not about. First off I can pretty much say anything I want on this blog because I am protected by the same laws that protect journalists. Second I am going to implore you not to consider this blog as professional information or advice that should be deemed appropriate for you. It really is just so you can have fun. If you get something out of it stay on the site. If you don't, leave. I really don't care. I still send you lots of love, but I'm not really worried about who gets on this blog and who doesn't.

Now that I made that clear, let me also mention that I might post affiliate offers from time to time.

And I also guarantee that I keep all of your information private.